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5 Leadership Lessons from King David From JP | November 24, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Israel’s King David was, without a doubt, a great leader. Men were willing to follow him even before he was king, and even when he was on the run and had to hide in the desert. God referred to him a
The Gospel From JP | November 17, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Last weekend about 100 young adults went on what you might call a “mission trip” to share the gospel. Except there was no “trip” involved. They didn’t go to Africa, or some unreached corner
If We Don’t Go, Who Will? Special Editions | November 10, 2014 . By The Porch
International Missions Start in Dallas Followers of Christ are all called to be “on mission” every moment of everyday in your own “Jerusalam, Judea, and Samaria” (Acts 1:8). A missiona
Why You Should Vote From JP | November 3, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Go vote. That’s really the point of this post, and if you’ve already voted or have already made plans to vote, I guess this will be a quick read. However, I know that most people reading this blog
Halloween Costumes: Less is Less From JP | October 27, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
The best part of Halloween as a kid was the candy. All year my parents would put restrictions around eating candy, and warning me against cavities and tooth decay. Then Halloween would come! It was li
7 Wedding Wisdom Stats for Singles Guest Posts | October 20, 2014 . By Kevin McConaghy
By Kevin McConaghy There’s been some press this past week about a study by a couple of professors at Emory University. The study looked at the correlation between divorce rates and wedding expenses
7 Questions to Ask When Navigating Gray Areas From JP | October 13, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
In many areas—more cases than what most people in today’s society care to admit—what’s right and wrong is actually pretty clear. There is absolute truth. And if you’re a Christian, then the
4 Truths About Truth From JP | October 6, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
“What is truth?” - Pontius Pilate, during the trial of Jesus, in John 18:38. Pilate would probably fit right in with today’s culture. When you think about it, there’s a lot of debate about tru
Truth, Love, and Macklemore From JP | September 29, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
The other day I shared the gospel with a friend, and he responded in a way I didn’t expect. He said, “I believe in Jesus; I just don’t believe that gay people are going to hell.” This was
Seriously Dating? Topics of Discussion. From JP | September 22, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
(Thanks to Lissette Steele for suggesting this topic on Twitter.) So, you’re dating intentionally with the goal to eventually get married. Before you can make that decision, there’s a lot you need
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