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Why I Love Porn From JP | February 23, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
I’ve read lots of articles on why people hate porn. But if everybody hated porn, all the articles wouldn’t be warranted. The problem is that most of the people saying they hate porn, also love it.
50 Shades of Grey- An Open Letter… Guest Posts | February 20, 2015 . By The Porch
An Open Letter to the Women of Watermark, Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware of the box office release of the blockbuster “Fifty Shades of Grey” based off the erotic trilogy w
Should Christians Use Online Dating? From JP | February 16, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Since we started this series on answering dating questions, one of the things I’ve been asked about the most is my opinion of online dating or dating apps. Hopefully, people don’t just want my op
First Date Tips From JP | February 9, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Valentine’s Day is this week, and to most of you that means…nothing, really. Because you’re single. But some of you don’t have to be. More than once, I’ve encouraged Christian men who are re
What Is The Porch? Special Editions | February 5, 2015 . By The Porch
The Porch has started back up and those of you that are hearing about it from friends or seeing post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be asking… What is The Porch? Should you go? Is it fo
How Important is Physical Attraction? From JP | February 2, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Every now and then I’ll have someone tell me that they are dating a very godly woman or man, but are not physically attracted to them, and they want to know if they should break up. My answer is tha
Should Girls Ask Guys Out? And Other Dating Questions From JP | January 26, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
In modern times, we’ve complicated singleness and the pursuit of marriage. I’ve been reading in Genesis (through Join the Journey) and it seems so easy: a man sends his friend to find him a wi
Choose a Plan From JP | December 29, 2014 . By Jonathan Pokluda
5 New Year’s Solutions Let’s be honest: most New Year’s resolutions last 2 weeks, or maybe 2 months, and then you’re back to “normal.” Willpower isn’t always as strong as we’d like. So
Porch on Break Special Editions | December 20, 2014 . By The Porch
It’s Christmas! (Approximately.) Which means, just like this time every year, The Porch is on break. We’ll start back up on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Our volunteers and staff like to take this ti
We’re going through a series at The Porch which talks about dating (among other things). We’ve actually encouraged godly men at The Porch who are ready for marriage to find the godliest woman
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