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6 Questions for Leaders From JP | May 18, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Are you a leader? Believe it or not, most everyone is (or at least could be) a leader. Leadership isn’t limited to politicians or CEOs; it includes moms, dads, teachers, coaches, chefs, singers, bus
12 Proverbs for Young Adults From JP | May 11, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
The book of Proverbs in the Bible is a fascinating read. It’s a collection of short sayings or observations about how the world works, written mostly by Solomon, who was considered the wisest man in
Born This Way, Indeed From JP | May 4, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
There are a couple of misconceptions about sin that I often see in our culture today. One is the very common idea that being a Christian is all about following a long list of rules. That you become a
Re-Redefining Marriage From JP | April 27, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
There has been a lot of talk in recent years about redefining marriage. About making it mean something that it hasn’t meant before. By my observation, though, that’s already happened. Marriage has
How to Be a Godly Woman From JP | April 20, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
After writing recently about how to be a godly man, it seems only fair to cover the ladies’ side as well. I know there are lots of godly women at The Porch each week. In fact, the reason I started w
8 Truths About Marriage From JP | April 13, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Is marriage dying? That seems to be the popular narrative today. It’s true that marriage rates are decreasing, and those who do get married are tying the knot later in life, on average. And so you h
Last week was interrupted by a massive amount of outrage over something that seemingly shouldn’t have caused any kind of “rage” at all. Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act isn’t t
Who Do You Say That I Am? Special Editions | March 30, 2015 . By The Porch
Roughly 2,000 years ago this week, something happened that literally changed the world. It’s remembered by billions of people globally through the holiday of Easter. But the event itself was centere
How Can I Serve? Special Editions | March 26, 2015 . By The Porch
Below is an email I received from a young adult who is joining our volunteer team at The Porch Fort Worth. With her permission, I copied our existing volunteers on my email response (also posted below
How to Be a Man From JP | March 23, 2015 . By Jonathan Pokluda
Where have all the men gone? It’s a common refrain. I’ve heard many times that guys these days just don’t grow up, that there aren’t enough “marriageable” men, or that men aren’t really
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